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NOTE: This documentation applies to both and on-prem version ByteScout API Server. Remarks in the documentation highlighting a difference if any.

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Indices Platform Benefits

  • Use from API or via 300+ Integrations: you can use from anywhere: programming languages, RPA platforms like UI and Automation Platforms such as Zapier, Integromat, IUPath, RPA apps, SalesForce and many others.
  • Security: API runs on top of the secure and certified Amazon AWS infrastructure. All data transfers are encrypted by SSL/TLS encryption. See the security page for more details.
  • Asynchronous mode is supported so you can process large files and documents with hundreds of pages in the cloud.
  • Battle tested by thousands of production users. Our engines are tested in production by thousands of enterprise users.
  • Credits based system. For every page credits are consumed from your account. You can purchase non-expiring credits with one-time payments or subscribe for a monthly credits that are cheaper. For the detailed reports explore your API logs.
  • On-Prem Version and Private Cloud version is available. Enterprise users may easily switch to ByteScout API Server that can run in a private cloud or on premises. Contact support for more information.

Use From No Code Platforms

We have created plugins most popular automation platforms and RPA including:

Tech Support From Engineers

Our team of engineers is happy to help with the integration, coding of proof of concept projects and any other questions. To contact us please: