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Description: PDF to JPG conversion. High-quality rendering. Also works great for thumbnail generation and previews. GET or POST request.

Status Errors

200The request has succeeded
400bad input parameters
403not enough credits
405Timeout error. To process large documents or files please use asynchronous mode ( set the async parameter to true) and then check the status using /job/check endpoint. If a file contains many pages then specify a page range using the pages parameter. The number of pages of the document can be obtained using the endpoint /pdf/info


Sample Request:

! Don’t forget to set x-api-key url param or HTTP header param (preferred) to the API key, get yours here


	"pages" : "",
	"password" : "",
	"url" : ""

Available Methods

[POST] /pdf/convert/to/jpg

url required
URL to the source file. Supports links from Google Drive, Dropbox, and built-in files storage. To upload files via API, Check out the Files Upload section.

Note: If you experience intermittent Too Many Requests or Access Denied errors, please try to add cache: to enable built-in URL caching. (e.g cache:

For data security, you have the option to encrypt output files and decrypt input files. Learn more about user-controlled data encryption.
httpusername optional
HTTP auth user name if required to access source url.
httppassword optional
HTTP auth password if required to access source url.
pages optional
Comma-separated list of page indices (or ranges) to process.
IMPORTANT: The very first page starts at 0 (zero). To set a range use the dash -, for example: 0,2-5,7-. To set a range from the index to the last page use range like this: 2- (from page #3 as the index starts at zero and till the of the document). For ALL pages just leave this param empty.
Example: 0,2-5,7- means first page, then 3rd page to 6th page, and then the range from 8th (index = 7) page till the end of the document, The input must be in string format.
rect optional
Defines coordinates for extraction, e.g. 51.8, 114.8, 235.5, 204.0. Use PDF Edit Add Helper to get or measure pdf coordinates. The input must be in string format.
async optional
Set async to true for long processes to run in the background, API will then return a jobId which you can use with /job/check endpoint to check the status of the process and retrieve the output while you can proceed with other tasks without waiting for this process to finish.
inline optional
Must be one of: true to return data as inline or false to return a link to the output file (default).
name optional
File name for the generated output, The input must be in string format.
expiration optional
Set the expiration time for the output link in minutes (default is 60 i.e 60 minutes or 1 hour), After this specified duration, any generated output file(s) will be automatically deleted from temporary files storage. The maximum duration for link expiration varies based on your current subscription plan. Learn more

To store permanent input files (e.g. re-usable images, pdf templates, documents), Consider using built-in Files Storage.
profiles optional
You can set additional and extra options using this parameter that allows you to set custom configuration, The input must be in string format. For example, to turn On/Off layers for rendering:
    "url": "",
    "pages": "0",
    "profiles": "{'RenderTextObjects': false, 'RenderVectorObjects': true,'RenderImageObjects': true}"
    See [profiles samples]( for examples.
  • Method: POST
  • URL: /v1/pdf/convert/to/jpg

Query parameters

No query parameters accepted.

Body payload

  "url": "",
  "inline": true,
  "pages": "0-",
  "async": false

Example responses

    "urls": [
    "pageCount": 1,
    "error": false,
    "status": 200,
    "name": "sample.jpg",
    "remainingCredits": 60728

Code Snippet

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'x-api-key: ' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
  "url": "",
  "inline": true,
  "pages": "0-",
  "async": false