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Google Sheets to PDF export type - Zapier

PDF from XLS or CSV sample in Zapier demonstrating ‘Google Sheets to PDF export type’

1. Configure input spreadsheet from google drive. Specify your preferred google drive spreadsheet and continue.

2. In second step for "Customize Worksheet" perform "Test trigger" to find out that whether Zapier is able to fetch input spreadsheet or not. Once you find your spreadsheet and all of data, you're good to proceed. Please note here, your spreadsheet should be public facing, then only it can be accessible through APIs. 

3. Upon sending for test trigger, It will fetch spreadsheet with all attributes such as "id", "selflink", etc.  

4. Once data part is ready, now it's time to setup events. Select from "Choose App & Event".

5. In event section, select "Anything to PDF converter". As name suggests this action can convert file formats such as URL, HTML, document, spreadsheet, presentation, image, etc. to PDF.

6. Once action "Anything to PDF converter" is selected, now it's time to provide inputs. First one is "Source Type", as in this demo we'll be demonstrating spreadsheet to PDF provide here option such as "Link to a CSV, XLS, XLSX, TXT spreadsheet file".

7. In "Input" field, it expects downloadable public facing excel URL. This URL can be generated by providing spreadsheet ID in URL, as displayed in following screenshot.

8. Once all configuration is done, proceed with testing of inputs.

9. Output response will be like below. It contains output such as URL out generated PDF, no of page count within PDF, name of output document, remaining credits, etc.

10. In summary, following are the highlight of whole process for converting spreadsheet to PDF.
[ZapierSpreadsheetToPDF.gif] Web API: the Web API with a set of tools for documents manipulation, data conversion, data extraction, splitting and merging of documents. Includes image recognition, built-in OCR, barcode generation and barcode decoders to decode bar codes from scans, pictures and pdf.

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