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Split PDF By Barcode From URL - PowerShell

PDF Split sample in PowerShell demonstrating ‘Split PDF By Barcode From URL’

# The authentication key (API Key).
# Get your own by registering at
$API_KEY = "***********************************"

# Source PDF file to split
$SourceFileUrl = ""
# Split by qr code or datamatrix with value search with regex
$SplitText = "[[barcode:qrcode,datamatrix /bytescout\\.com/]]"

# Prepare URL for `Split PDF By Barcode` API call
$query = ""

# Prepare request body (will be auto-converted to JSON by Invoke-RestMethod)
# See documentation:
$body = @{
    "searchString" = $SplitText
    "url" = $SourceFileUrl
} | ConvertTo-Json

try {
    # Execute request
    $response = Invoke-WebRequest -Method Post -Headers @{ "x-api-key" = $API_KEY; "Content-Type" = "application/json" } -Body $body -Uri $query

    $jsonResponse = $response.Content | ConvertFrom-Json

    if ($jsonResponse.error -eq $false) {
        # Download generated PDF files
        $part = 1;
        foreach ($url in $jsonResponse.urls) {
            $localFileName = ".\part$($part).pdf"

            # Download PDF file
            Invoke-WebRequest -Headers @{ "x-api-key" = $API_KEY } -OutFile $localFileName -Uri $url

            Write-Host "Downloaded `"$($localFileName)`""
    else {
        # Display service reported error
        Write-Host $jsonResponse.message
catch {
    # Display request error
    Write-Host $_.Exception

@echo off

powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "& .\SplitPdfFromUrl.ps1"
echo Script finished with errorlevel=%errorlevel%

pause Web API: the Web API with a set of tools for documents manipulation, data conversion, data extraction, splitting and merging of documents. Includes image recognition, built-in OCR, barcode generation and barcode decoders to decode bar codes from scans, pictures and pdf.

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Download Source Code (.zip)

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