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Rate Limit Error 429 too many requests

API Request Limit

The API request limitation depends on your current plan and subscription.

  1. Pay as you Go plan if you didn’t purchased anything yet: 2 requests per second
  2. Pay as you Go plan WITH paid orders: 5 requests per second
  3. Users WITH monthly/annual subscription: 25 requests per second

When you exceed the limit, you will get an error 429. This error is not logged in your API Logs.

429 Too Many Requests

"error": true, 
"message": "Too many requests (limit by your current plan). Please try again later"

Request Rate Limit Increase

A 50+ request per second is available on custom Enterprise plans (starts at $999 / mo). Please contact us to activate this on your account. If it is not something that could work for your project, here are our sample suggested walkaround:


PDF Splitter

  • use pdf/split (or Split PDF in Zapier/ Integromat) with pages parameter set to * that will tell pdf splitter to split every single page from the source pdf into a separate PDF.