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How to change the redundancy level

For Zapier, Integromat and others plugins insert custom profiles into profiles field. For API calls please set value as string in profiles parameter as string.

To control the QR Code error correction level, please add the following string in the Custom Profiles parameter for

{ "Options.QRErrorCorrectionLevel": "Low" }

Applies To:

  • /barcode/generate

Valid error correction levels:

Low[default] Lowest error correction level. (Approx. 7% of codewords can be restored).
MediumMedium error correction level. (Approx. 15% of codewords can be restored).
QuarterQuarter error correction level (Approx. 25% of codewords can be restored).
HighHighest error correction level (Approx. 30% of codewords can be restored).

By default all these 2d barcodes (pdf417, datamatrix, qr code) have built-in redundancy, so you can erase like 10% of the barcode and it will be decodable still. 1d barcodes (ean13) can not do this, they have checksum protection to verify if value is decoded OK or not, but not protection against damage