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How to speed up barcode reading from PDF?

You can narrow down the barcode search to just a single barcode (e.g. Code 128). Then, use a smaller PDF Rendering resolution which should speed up the process.

The sample Profiles config beow will only scan the top half of the document, read 1 barcode per page and set the PDF Rendering Resolution to 200.

    "profiles": "{ 'scanArea': 'TopHalf', 'MaxNumberOfBarcodesPerPage': 1, 'PDFRenderingResolution': 200 }"


In Zapier, you can add the profiles parameter in the Custom Profiles field.

{ 'scanArea': 'TopHalf', 'MaxNumberOfBarcodesPerPage': 1, 'PDFRenderingResolution': 200 }


In Integromat, you can add it in the Profiles field.

{ 'scanArea': 'TopHalf', 'MaxNumberOfBarcodesPerPage': 1, 'PDFRenderingResolution': 200 }

When using the Make an API Call module.

  • Add an Item under Body.
  • In the Key field, enter profiles.
  • And in the Value field, paste { 'scanArea': 'TopHalf', 'MaxNumberOfBarcodesPerPage': 1, 'PDFRenderingResolution': 200}