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If you see charges from,,,,,, - these are not us

If you have a credit card charge from, or, or, or PDF___ (letter or number) .co, and need help, please keep reading.

Short Explanation:,, ARE NOT THE SAME as (this website, compare website name LETTER BY LETTER!)

IF you see,,,, or similar in your statement:

CONTACT your bank immediately and ask for a CHARGEBACK because we didn’t charged your card!

So, what is happening?

Since 2020 we are getting lot of requests from people who see some of the following charges on their cards:

  • PDFA.CO 6173777456, PDFA.CO 6173777456 £69.57
  • PDFA.CO 617377 84,35€
  •,, PDFC.CO,
  • PDFC.CO6173777564, PDFC.CO6173777564 BROOKLINE 0.53 USD, PDFC.CO6173777564, PDFC.CO6173777564 HTTPSWWW.AIRS, £70.57 Ref PDFC.CO*6173777564 BROOKLINE
  • PDFC.CO*6173777564 BROOKLINE 108 USD
  • PDFD.CO 7787453075, PDFD.CO 617-671-0291, PDFD.CO 617-671- PDFD.CO 778745307
  • PDFD.CO 6178656312 617-6807973 MA $108, PDFD.CO 617865631 $96
  • PDFG.CO 6174889205 $198 USD
  • PDF3.CO, PDF3.CO 6173777466, 617-3777466, Pdf3.Co 6173777466 617-3777466 Ma USA,
  • PDF4.CO , PDF4.CO 6173777477 617-3777-4777
  • PDF5.CO, POS Withdrawal (FIS) PDF5.CO PDF5.CO 617-x7502 MA, PDF5.CO 617-377502
  • PDF6.CO, PDF7.CO, PDF8.CO,,
  • PDF8.Co
  • and other similar names sounding very much like with charges, typically, from $20 to $96, $108, $115, $132, $198 USD, USD 20.00, USD 96.00, $58 AUD, 912 Norwegian Crones, £14.49, 84,35€, £69.25, $136.75 AUD, £76.74, 85€, $21.25, 17,65€, $199, £16.03, £74.99, €83.38, $102.72, $92, £75.95, $144, $180, $104, $28.56, $120, $32.68, 17.40€, $101, $102.34, 81.19 €, 134.09 SG and other similar charges.

All these charges are NOT FROM Please re-check the name in your statement LETTER BY LETTER!

What you can you do?

  • CALL YOUR BANK IMMEDIATELY and ask for a chargeback if you want a chargeback! (you can find the phone number of your bank at the backside of your credit card).
  • If you use PayPal, then use this chargeback request page on

Are these,,,, charges is some kind of scam?

We don’t know! Because these websites are not owned by us!

If you see any unrecognized charges on your card then contact you bank immediately and ask for a chargeback!

We’ve repeatedly asked these websites (, to stop using confusing names and start using their real product and company name for charges but they do not listen.

Do you see charges on your card statement from something named very similar to us and you can’t find who was that? Sorry but high chance you were tricked by some non-good company that is hiding their company name behind confusing charge names. This company is not related to us in any way.

Double-check the website name, compare letter by letter!