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Minimizing Costs with

At, our goal is to help you streamline your workflow while reducing costs. Here are some tips to help you minimize your expenses when using our platform:

  • Use your own file storage: Instead of using the get-presigned-url and/or file/upload function, consider using your own file storage such as your own server, Google Drive, or Dropbox. You can then supply a publicly accessible link to your file, and API can accept input URLs from almost any location if it’s accessible via a link. NOTE that free services like Google Drive may limit the number of requests per minute/hour you can make to your file.
  • Reuse files: If you upload files that are used repeatedly, you can upload them once and reuse the link to the file within an hour. For example, if you merge a PDF cover with multiple documents, you can upload the cover only once in an hour and reuse the link to it with other documents, saving credits for the first upload of this file in that hour.
  • Optimize async jobs: When running asynchronous jobs, minimize the number of job/check requests and do the first one after 3-5 minutes to ensure that your output file is ready.
  • Use cost-effective endpoints: For tasks such as merging or splitting PDF files, use cost-effective endpoints like pdf/merge and pdf/split. For text extraction from PDF documents, use the cost-effective pdf/convert/to/text-simple endpoint if you don’t have scanned documents
  • Purchase credit packs: You can purchase a credit pack with credits that won’t expire and will be used only when your subscription-based credits run out.
  • Downgrade or cancel subscription: If you don’t require extended API logs and enhanced security features, consider downgrading to a lower plan or canceling your subscription and going with the Pay as you go plan. All API endpoints will still be available.

By following these tips, you can minimize costs and optimize your workflow with