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How to use Add FIELD from RECTANGLE Selection Object

The Add FIELD from RECTANGLE Selection is one of the many objects in the Document Parser Template creation. You can drag and drop object and resize it to fit the text you want to parse. You can open the Document Parser Online Template Editor here.

Easiest Way to Parse Text

To extract this Invoice No., click on the Add Object button on the top left corner. Choose the Add FIELD from RECTANGLE Selection and drag the Rectangle object over the Invoice No. Click the Run Template button to see the result.


Use Macro Inside Rectangle Selection

You can enlarge the Rectangle object to set an extraction area in a document. If you want to get a specific text such the due date on the top half of the file, you can use the `````` macro to do just that. Enter the (?<value>) in the Expression field to only extract the date and put a check in the Regex check box to instruct the engine to read the Macro or any regular expression. Click Run Template to see the result.