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Error 403, Can’t download file, Input document is damaged, or Login page is converted instead of the file content

Applies to the following errors:

  • Error 403
  • Can’t download file
  • Input document is damaged or of incorrect type
  • See a login page instead of the file content
  • Invalid url

If you get any of the error message above, here are some ways to resolve them:

  1. Check input link to make sure it is publicly accessible. The API engine requires the source file to be publicly accessible in order to process it. If you are using Google Drive, Dropbox or similar cloud storage services, kindly change the file’s permission to Anyone with the link to make it public.
  2. Check input file to make sure it is the correct file format. Incompatible source file type can result in input document is damaged or of incorrect type error. For example, if you are merging PDF and non-PDF files, please use the correct PDF Merger endpoint.
  3. Add the cache: prefix. Frequent access to a file may result in restricted access by services like Google, Dropbox and similar. Try to add cache: before the URL to resolve the problem. The new URL will look like this: cache:[](`.)
  4. Check input link to make sure it is valid. If incorrect or incompatible link is passed to the API, it will result in Invalid url error.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, please enable access to your API Logs and reach out to our support team for assistance. To grant our support team access to your API Logs, refer to this guide: