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Google Drive Source File Error 442

The error message “Error 442 or input document is damaged” occurs in two scenarios: (1) when the source file is not in the expected file format, or (2) when the file is prevented from being downloaded. In the first scenario, please verify whether you are using the supported file format. In the second scenario, this issue often arises when a Google Drive file cannot undergo virus scanning. This keeps the engine from accessing the actual file.


To verify if this applies to your file, please use the following link format and replace file_id with your actual file ID:

To resolve this issue, you have two options: either use a Google API Key or an authorization access token from Google OAuth.

Below, you will find a step-by-step guide on generating your Google API Key:

Important To ensure the security of your Google API Key within, follow these instructions to enable Strict Mode for API Logs: Enabling Strict Mode will conceal the source file URL, which contains your Google API Key. It is recommended to enable Strict Mode whenever sensitive data, such as a Google API Key, is present in the source file URL.

  1. Start by creating a Project at
  2. Navigate to the “APIs & Services” section.
  3. Click on “Enabled APIs and Services” option.
  4. Click on “+ Enable APIs and Services.”
  5. Search for the Google Drive API.
  6. Enable the Google Drive API.
  7. Go to the “Credentials” section.
  8. Click on “+ Create Credentials.”
  9. Choose “API Key.”
  10. After creating your API Key, hover over the warning icon next to its name and click on “Edit Settings.”
  11. Configure your API Restrictions. For this demo, select the “Restrict API” radio button and choose the Google Drive API. Please setup the restrictions according to your needs. You may also contact Google Support for assistance.
  12. Click “Save.”

You are now prepared to use your Google API Key. Copy the following URL format and replace file_id with your actual file ID, and api_key with your Google API Key. Use this modified URL as your source file link, allowing you to download the previously blocked file:

NOTE: Please reach out to Google Support for guidance on how to ensure the security of your Google API Key.

To use the authorization access token from Google OAuth instead of the Google API Key, please start here