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Can I add text to PDF and send it to my customer

Absolutely, it’s possible to add text in a PDF and send it to your customer, and there are two API endpoints that can assist you with this task.

  1. The first endpoint: pdf/edit/add, enables you to add text, images, and links to a PDF, and fill out a PDF form. See API Docs here and here.

  2. The second endpoint: email/send, allows you to send the PDF output directly to your customer’s email address. See API Docs here

For Automation Experts:


To achieve this on Zapier, you will be required to configure two actions.

  1. The first action is PDF Filler.
  2. The second action you need to configure is Send Email.


To accomplish this task on Integromat/Make, you will need to set up two modules.

  1. The first module can be either Add Text and Image to PDF or Fill a Form.
  2. The second module that you need to set up is the Send Email with Attachments.

For Developers:

For adding text, images, links, and filling out PDF forms, you can refer to the following documentation and code samples:

To send an email with an attachment, you can consult the following documentation and code samples: