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How can I fill PDF form template

Our PDF Filler API can fill PDF forms and add text/images/links to a regular or scanned PDF. These two types of PDFs handle text objects differently. And they use different accompanying tools in order to identify field names or get the object coordinates. For more information, please read this article.


PDF Form or Interactive PDF

First, we need to get the PDF field names in order to map our data to the correct text field, checkbox, etc. If you don’t have the list of field names or tool to get the field names, you may use our pdf/info/fields here. Please double-check that the pdf/info/fields is selected in the API Endpoint dropdown box.

Once you have the field names data, please continue to the steps below.

Regular or Scanned PDF

To add text and images to a regular or scanned PDF, we first need to identify the coordinates of the area where we want to add the objects. The best tool to use for this is our PDF Viewer. You simply need to load the file and click on the area where you want to add text.

Once you have the coordinates, please continue to the steps below.

Guides for Zapier

Guides for Integromat/Make