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How to fill radio buttons and checkboxes?

Both checkbox and radio button take True or False to set their values.

Below is a sample call to place a check mark to a checkbox or select a radio button.

POST /v1/pdf/edit/add HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
x-api-key: YOUR_API_KEY
Content-Length: 287

    "url": "",
    "fields": [
            "fieldName": "topmostSubform[0].Page1[0].FilingStatus[0].c1_01[1]",
            "pages": "1",
            "text": "True"


On Zapier, the format is pages;fieldName;text. The parameters are separated by a semi-colon. To try this, please set up a PDF Filler action and enter the same value below in the Fillable Fields field.


Make / Integromat

On Make/Integromat, please use the Fill a PDF Form module. And click on Add Item under Fields. You’ll then be able the values for the fieldName, pages, and text parameters.

You can use the pdf/info/fields endpoint or other tools to get the PDF form field names. To try the pdf/info/fields, please explore our Request Tester tool here This endpoint returns the field name and the page index. Please keep this information for the next step.