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Profiles - COLLECTION of sample profiles

Converting form fields into read-only text objects (PDF flattening) using a custom profile:

"profiles": "{ 'FlattenDocument()':[] }"

Encountering page index errors while filling merged PDF forms:

"profiles": "{ 'RenameMatchingFieldsDuringMerge': false }"

Set image alignment:

"imagesString": "300;40;0;[;;270;70|300;140;0;;;70;270](;;270;70|300;140;0;;;70;270)"

PDF form filler endpoint (pdf/edit/add endpoint) can crop PDF files. PDF Filler is usually used to add text and images on top of existing PDF files but it can also adjust cropbox for output PDF:

{ "Pages[0].SetCropBox()": ["28", "28", "539", "284"] }

Disabling Hebrew ligaturization:

"profiles": "{\n  \"DisableLigatures\": true\n}"