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Artifex Software and ByteScout / Merger FAQ

We understand that you may have some questions following the recent announcement about the merger of ByteScout and Artifex Software. This FAQ is designed to address your concerns and provide information about the transition.

General Information

Q1: Who is Artifex Software?

Artifex Software, Inc. is a seasoned player in the realm of PDF solutions. As a subsidiary of ePapyrus, Inc., they’ve delivered robust PDF technologies such as open-source Ghostscript and MuPDF for over 30 years. Its flagship product, Ghostscript was the first non-Adobe PDF solution being shipped with almost all Linux distributions. Artifex Software has provided their services to a range of notable companies, including Google, Oracle, HP, Kyocera and Intuit, just to name a few.

Q2: What is the aim behind the ByteScout and Artifex Software merger?

This merger combines the strengths of both companies: Artifex Software’s in-depth expertise in PDF solutions, and ByteScout’s innovative technologies. Our joint aim is to provide even more comprehensive and enhanced solutions to our clients.

Account and Services

Q3: Will my and services be affected?

Rest assured, your services will continue as they are now. We aim to ensure a seamless transition where the tools, resources, and services you use daily continue without interruption.

Q4: Will the brand names and change?

No. We recognize the trust and value you have in the and brands, and we will continue to maintain these names.

Q5: Do I need to take any action due to this merger?

No action is required on your part. Your services will continue as before.

Q6: Will this merger impact my subscription?

No, your subscription and its terms will remain the same.

Q7: Will I need to make any changes to my current setup because of this merger?

No changes are necessary on your part. Everything will continue to function as it currently does.


Q8: Will there be any changes to my billing?

While your services will remain unchanged, your invoices will now be issued under the name of Artifex Software Inc.


Q9: Who should I contact if I have further questions or concerns?

If you have any more questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team at

We appreciate your understanding and continued support during this exciting transition, and look forward to serving you under this new and promising partnership.