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Profiles - COLLECTION of sample profiles

Preventing a picture from breaking or becoming distorted:

"profiles": "{\n  \"HTMLCodeHeadInject\": \"<style> @media print { div,p { break-inside: avoid !important; } } </style>\"\n}"

Conversion that takes more than 30 seconds:

 "profiles": "{\n\"DoNotWaitFullLoad\": true, \"paperSize\": \"10in 60in\",\n\"margins\": \"0px\",\n\"orientation\": \"portrait\"\n}"

Incorrect paper size in output document.

"profiles": "{\n  \"Margins\": \"2px 2px 2px 2px\",\n  \"paperSize\": \"162 288\"\n}"

HTML to PDF conversion not using the desktop width, resulting in the mobile version of a website being used instead:

"profiles": "{\n  \"orientation\": \"landscape\"\n}"
"profiles": "{\n  \"orientation\": \"Landscape\",\n  \"margins\": \"10px 20px 50px 10px\"\n}"

Setting margins and paper size:

"profiles": "{\n  \"Margins\": \"30px 10px 30px 10px\",\n  \"paperSize\": \"A5\"\n}"

Create a custom paper size:

"profiles": "{\n  \"Margins\": \"30px 10px 30px 10px\",\n  \"paperSize\": \"216x360\"\n}"

HTML to PDF conversion adding an outline and modifying the dimensions of the original HTML file:

    "templateId": YOUR_TEMPLATE_ID,
    "name": "result.pdf",
    "margins": "0",
    "printBackground": true,
    "header": "",
    "footer": "",
    "mediaType": "print",
    "encrypt": false,
    "profiles": "{\"paperSize\": \"A3\" }"

Output file containing messy or garbled content:

"profiles": "{ 'mediaType': 'screen' }"