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PDF to CSV auto determine if need to force OCR or not

For Zapier, Integromat and others plugins insert custom profiles into profiles field. For API calls please set value as string in profiles parameter as string.

To determine if OCR is required, the converter checks each PDF document page if it contains at least one raster image or vector drawing but very little text (less than 8 characters).

The OCR can be forced by changing an option of underlying PDF Extractor engine using the profiles parameter.

{ "OCRMode": "TextFromImagesAndVectorsAndFonts" }

In the TextFromImagesAndVectorsAndFonts mode, the converter will perform OCR on image and vector objects and combine the result with the extraction of normal text objects.

Applies To:

  • /pdf/convert/to/csv
  • /pdf/convert/to/xml
  • /pdf/convert/to/json
  • /pdf/convert/to/xls
  • /pdf/convert/to/xlsx