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PDF to XLS fixing some numbers are removed after the conversion

For Zapier, Integromat and others plugins insert custom profiles into profiles field. For API calls please set value as string in profiles parameter as string.

In case issue with numbers removed in resulted xls file, use following profiles.

{ "AutoDetectNumbers": false }

In scenarios when issue with column detections can use following profile.

{ "ColumnDetectionMode": "Borders" }

In scenarios when there is no border between columns. Moreover there is a single whitespace between columns that looks as a single phrase even to human eyes; the only way to split object correctly is to specify column coordinate explicitly using CustomExtactionColumns property. The profile will look as follows:

{ "CustomExtractionColumns": [ 0, 112.5, 172, 225, 431, 489, 543, 597, 651, 712 ] }

Applies To:

  • /pdf/convert/to/xls
  • /pdf/convert/to/xlsx

To measure columns and get PDF coordinates you can use our “PDF Multitool” app installed with the offline SDK. Or download it separately from ByteScout website.