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PDF to CSV - Number of columns don’t match in a 2-page table.

Pages in PDF documents are unrelated and analyzed individually. The table has a different structure on different pages, so the number of detected columns differs too.

The only way in your case to get correct columns is to specify explicit column coordinates.

Here’s a sample request if you are using the API directly:


   "name": "result.csv",
    "async": false,
    "inline": false,
    "profiles": "{ 'CustomExtractionColumns': [ 0.0, 55.0, 400.0, 444.0, 479.0 ] }",
    "url": "YOUR_URL"	

If you are using through Zapier or integromat, add the following string to “Custom Profiles” field:

{ 'CustomExtractionColumns': [ 0.0, 55.0, 400.0, 444.0, 479.0 ] }