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How to reorder PDF pages

To reorder pages in a PDF, you will need to utilize two API endpoints: PDF Splitter and PDF Merger.

PDF Splitter Step:

  1. Begin by determining the pages you wish to split. For instance, let’s consider a 10-page PDF where we want to move page 5 to the last position.
  2. Set the value for the pages parameter. In our example, the value for the “pages” parameter would be set as 1-4,5,6-10.
  3. Upon executing the request, you will receive three PDF output links. The first PDF will contain pages 1 to 4, the second PDF will contain page 5, and the third PDF will contain pages 6 to 10.

PDF Merger Step:

  1. Start by providing the source file links in the “url” parameter, arranging them in the desired order of appearance.
  2. In our example, you would provide the 1st output link, followed by the 3rd output link, and then the 2nd output link.
  3. Execute the request, and you will receive a new PDF file with the pages ordered according to your specifications.

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