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PDF Merge invalid input parameter due to missing source file links

When you get an invalid input parameter error and you suspect that this is due to some missing source file links, please try the troubleshooting steps below:

Please open your API Logs and expand the call to see the Request POST Body. Check if the url param’s value starts with a comma and/or some source file links are missing, this can be fixed by making sure that only existing links are passed to the PDF Merger engine.


To make sure that only existing source file links are passed to the PDF Merger, please add the Code by Zapier action before the PDF Merger.

  1. Please look up Code by Zapier and choose the Run JavaScript event.
  2. In the Input Data field, enter a key name such as key1 on the left and the source file url on the right.
  3. Kindly copy-paste the following code in the Code field and test trigger.
const object = {
 key1: inputData['key1'],
  key2: inputData['key2']

const nonEmptyValues = Object.values(object)
  .filter(value => value)
  .join(", ");

output = {nonEmptyValues};
  1. In the PDF Merger setup, please replace the existing source file links with the Non-Empty Values from the previous step.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, please contact our customer support.