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How to upload files to API

  1. Request a temporary URL for upload using /file/upload/get-presigned-url. This will return JSON with presignedUrl property that contains a link you should upload into using PUT and url property that contains a link to the uploaded file.
  2. Upload your file using PUT to this presignedUrl link generated on the previous step. Once finished, your file can be accessed using the link from url link from the step 1
  3. Congrats! Now you can access your uploaded file using that link from url param from step 1. Now you can call any API method with your link set as url param.

Security Note: Uploaded files are auto-removed within 60 minutes by default. You can also remove your file earlier using /file/delete endpoint.

On-Prem Version only: Depending on your settings, your files are stored on your server or in the cloud storage of your choice or on your file server. If you use cloud storage (like AWS S3) then you need to set up an auto-removal policy for uploaded files or remove files using /file/delete endpoint.